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Committed To Impacting Our Business World With Leadership.

Quality Deliveries And Community Benefits.

The Company Has A Progressive Strategy Of Tapping Opportunities In A New And Existing Markets With A Diverse Offering That Extends Across Wide Range Industry Portfolios.

Echendu Group of Companies


The Echendu Group Is A Multinational Conglomerate Based In The United States. The Group’s Portfolio Currently Includes Real Estate, Contracting & Engineering, Oil And Gas, Industrial & Commercial Trading, Freight Services, And Hospitality Management.

Founded In 2009, It Is One Of The First Corporations In The Region, Maintaining A Prominent Position Of Leadership And Pioneering Among Its Peers. Echendu Group Is A Powerful And Vibrant Company That Employs Over 1000 Personnel Working In More Than Twelve Companies And Branches Throughout The West Africa, America, United Kingdom And Dubai Region. Of Paramount Importance To The Company Philosophy Is The Affirmation That Work Volume Is But One Of Many Indexes Of Progress And Development, Where A Constant Strives For Customer Satisfaction And Ensuring High-Quality Work Are Equally Important.

Together, All These Factors Contribute To Expanding The Group’s Horizons And Bolster Its Drive Force.

Our Core Values

We Demonstrate Exceptional Value By Providing Superior Products And Services. Stocks Our Business Concept Is Built On A Clear Commitment To Serve All Stakeholders Fairly.

Equity A Strong Commitment To Dealing With All Stakeholders Without Discrimination Is At The Heart Of Our Company Culture.

Excellence Our Passion For Excellence Shines Through In Everything We Do, And We Strive For Perfection At All Times.

We Are Driven By Entrepreneurship We Are Driven By Entrepreneurship, Never Giving Up In The Face Of Adversity But Also Working Diligently To Better Ourselves. Attempt To Progress.

Dynamism We Will Sustain Our Delivery Of Value And Maintain A Leadership Position In A Rapidly Changing World By Always Adjusting To The Changing Needs Of Our Clients.

Our Mission

Our Goal Is To Achieve Economic Growth In The Commercial, Industrial, Construction, Real Estate, Oil And Gas, Hospitality And Service Industries, While Maintaining Our Ethical Values. In The End, We Achieved Our Outstanding Performance In Serving Local And International Clients. The Benefits Of This Growth Are Reflected In The Group, But More Importantly, Its Clients And The Communities In Which It Operates.

Our Vision

In This Rapidly Changing World, In Fierce Competition, Echendu Group Believes That Only By Innovating And Seeking Better Productivity Can We Survive And Achieve Greatness. What Is Considered A New Business Model Today Will Be Obsolete Tomorrow. Therefore, Our Philosophy Is Always To Improve And Develop Continuously In All Activities And Work Areas. This Is How We Implement Productive Improvement, Employee Well-Being, Group Management And The Acquisition And Application Of The Latest Work Technology. Because Success Belongs To Those Who Dare To Change And Move On, We At Echendu Group Are Always Eager To Achieve Better Results, Bravely Facing The Latest Challenges, Entering New Fields And Fields, And Becoming Your Future Partner.

We Have Over 15 Business Operations Within United Kingdom, Ghana, Dubai Nigeria And USA

Echendu Group of Companies


Echendu Oil And Gas (Upstream And Downstream)
Echendu Palace
Real Estate Development And Management
Energy Services, Commodities Trading And ICT
Logistics And Supply Chain
Business Development Between Asia And Africa
Hospitality Industries
Financial Services
Craft Centre
Marathon (Sports)
Travel And Tour Industry
Digital News Agency
Health Care (Procurement And Supply)
Charity Services